FCRR – Evaluations of Compliance with the FAO (UN) Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (53 countries)

This report presents evaluations of the compliance of 53 countries (strictly, marine fisheries jurisdictions) representing over 96% of the reported world fish catch, with Article 7, covering Fisheries Management, of the FAO (UN) Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, originally agreed by members of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and published in 1995.

Fisheries Centre Research Reports 2006 Volume 14 Number 2

Author: Pramod Ganapathiraju

Dr Pramod is Fisheries Consultant with extensive experience working with Governments, Researchers, NGOs and coastal fishing communities throughout the Asia and Pacific Regions, Africa, Caribbean, USA and Canada. He has published numerous articles in a range of peer-reviewed journals, books, drafted MSC Pre-Assessments and NGO reports. He has worked extensively on Illegal fishing and Monitoring Control & Surveillance projects with a focus on compliance and enforcement worldwide. With more than 18 years of global experience he is currently working on projects for various clients evaluating fisheries compliance, developing MCS operational procedures and estimating illegal fishing in several countries.Consulting and research experience spans more than 18 countries in Southeast Asia (India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka etc.), Western Pacific (Indonesia, Philippines), West Africa, Caribbean and North America. His consulting and research work is focused towards finding policy solutions to fisheries management issues, improving traceability, catch certification, fisheries governance and analyzing risks associated with illegal fishing products in the Global Supply Chains.