IUU Risk Intelligence - Putting compliance first

IUU Risk Intelligence is a consulting firm dedicated to provide technical services on Fisheries Compliance, Monitoring Control and Surveillance (MCS) as well as illegal fishing for Governments and private industry clients worldwide.

Global Fisheries Monitoring Control and Surveillance (MCS) Report  

Services offered:

  1. Dr Pramod_Ganapathiraju has more than 18 years of technical consulting and direct field & research experience in both developing and developed countries concentrating on Fisheries Compliance, IUU Fishing and Seafood Traceability in more than 21 countries.
  2. Estimation of IUU fishing catches: Expert in analyzing and predictive analytics of illegal fishing vessels worldwide. I offer services for analyzing IUU risk at vessel, company, regional or national level at two levels (1) Country level – looking at IUU catches in the EEZ ; and (2) Estimating and analyzing IUU risk  for seafood products in global supply chains for exports to key market states (USA, Europe, Asia, etc.)
  3. Traceability and Catch Documentation: Tracing illegal fishing risks and quantifying illegal catches by vessel, company, fishery or country using latest illegal fishing risk framework and indicators.
  4. Monitoring Control and Surveillance (MCS): Short and Long-term Monitoring Control and Surveillance assignments including Training in collection, analysis and management of fisheries enforcement data. Developing national frameworks and MCS dashboards to quantify progress with annual surveillance targets for fishing fleets (small-scale and industrial fishing fleets). Training in supervision and analysis of surveillance data from various Government ministries to estimate compliance. Identifying gaps in the current fisheries management systems to ensure implementation of national and international laws.
  5. Development of National Plan of Action to combat, deter and eliminate IUU Fishing (NPOA-IUU). Technical Assistance for Drafting Fisheries Laws and associated Fisheries Regulations for developing countries.
  6. Training & Development of Standard Operating Procedures for EU- Catch Certification to comply with IUU Regulation 1005/2008 for Government staff in developing countries.
  7. Training of Fisheries Officers for conducting inspections at fishing harbours and small-scale landing sites. Training on Port State Control inspections in the Fisheries Sector for Government Ministries and their staff. Audits of fisheries catch documentation and inspections in small-scale and industrial fisheries in developing countries.
  8. Catch Certification: Technical Assistance to improve traceability and catch certification for Simplified and Regular (COLD/FVFODF/Landing declaration) to comply with EC-IUU Regulation 1005/2008 requirements.
  9. Fishery Assessments: Development of WWF & MSC pre-assessments for private companies aimed at specific fisheries in developing countries (including Public and Confidential audits for clients).